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Jtr Sickert


The band was formed from an idea of the guitarist/composer of that time, and then producer of electronic music and Tecno DJ, REZ. It’s with this fusion of electronic and heavy metal sounds that gave the incipit to the creation of this project. Shortly after, Rez contacted and proposed the idea to his friend and frontman, Billy T Cooper, who accepted enthusiastically. Together, they decided to include a female voice, and soon came Emy.

Together they started work on their first two songs, and with the arrival of the rythmic section, made up from Pora “the King” on drums and Klaus, on bass, the band was completed.

The band now took on the name JTR Sickert, acronym of the 19th Century painter, Walter Richard Sickert, considered by the criminalist writer Patricia Cornwell, to be Jack The Ripper. Hence JTR

A year after its formation, the band recorded a 4 track demo at the Fear Studios , entitled “Everything is growing old”, which received good appraisal from the most important heavy metal magazines and webzines.

Almost at the same time, the group was taking on live gigs with a series of concerts with renowned Italian bands such as The Family, Godiva, Macbeth and the well known German band Das Ich, taking part in the second edition of the DarkFest, as opening act for Roman Dope Star Inc.

A month later they opened at the Metal Legion Attack, sharing the stage with Sadist, Vision Divine, Domine and Node and a few days after they played in Gaswerk in Switzerland, opening for the local and well-known group ( Mephisto System).

The band’s first album, “You deserve panic”, also recorded at the Fear Studios, published by the independent label “Bagana Records/Edel, came out in 2009, and was followed by the video “ Crystal night”, promo single of the album.

“You deserve panic” was considered by the press as the best album (2009) of its gender in the underground scene, and was also exceptionally well appraised by European magazines, let alone an unexpected following amongst the public.

In the 2011 and 2012, JTR toured together with “Theatres des Vampires”, during their European Tour, which visited countries like Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Turkey , Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria gathering fans along the way.
Thanks to the fortunate acquaintance with TDV, Billy T. sang a duet with Sonya Scarlet during their performance at the Viadana Open Air Festival 2011 with the Swedish band “ Dark Tranquillity and during their performance at Leipzig Gotik Treffen.

The first of January was released a new video, OBLIVION, from etoile new upcoming album, with the special featuring of Sonya Scarlet from Theatres Des Vampires, and the band did a mini tour to promotion the new single, playing some gigs in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Italy.

The band has just recently finished writing new songs for the new album, ETOILE.