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KLOGR (pronounced Kay – log – are) is an Italian rock band which musical production partakes of the genres of alternative rock and alternative metal. The band’s name is a reference to the law of Weber-Fechner, developed in the second half of the 800s, which is known as the fundamental psycho-physical relationship (S = K log R). Formed in 2011, Klogr release their first album “Till You Decay” on the same year with line up including Rusty (vocals), Todd Allen, Nicola Briganti. Two videoclips: “Bleeding” and “Silk and Thorns” are published from the debut. In 2013 Klogr subdues a line-up change, incorporating all three members of alternative rock band Timecut. The new line up (Rusty, Joba, Giampi and Ste) releases the EP "Till You Turn", with the collaboration of Maki from Lacuna Coil, producer Logan Mader (Machine Head) and singer Alteria. Videoclips from the EP include "King of Unknown" and "Guinea Pigs" (supporting Sea Shepherd). After a US Tour and a European Tour, in June 2013 Klogr play at the Sweden Rock Festival. In 2014 Klogr release second full-length concept album "Black Snow" (Zeta Factory /The End Records) focusing their lyrics and communication on environmental-conscius topics. Collaborates on Black Snow, Destrage's Ralph Salati. The US digital edition of "Black Snow" includes EP "Till You Turn" and the Live album “Ground Zero 11-11-11”. In February 2014 Klogr release the video "Draw Closer". In March–April 2014 Klogr share a 23 dates European Tour with Prong. In May 2014 Klogr's frontman contributes, along with Prong's drummer Art Cruz, to Loudwire's viral initiative in memorial of Slayer's guitarist Jeff Hanneman with a short clip included in the official #ScreamForJeff pilot presentation. A new single: Zero Tolerance dedicated to Sea Shepherd's mission in Taiji in defense of the bay's dolphins is released. Digital download income is devolved to support the activities of the sea wildlife protection organization. In June 2014 Klogr release through a premiere on Metalinsider their first Lyric Video for the song Hell of Income. While working on a DVD which will see the light in 2015, in September 2014 Klogr release a live video for Failing Crowns: 23 shows condensed into 4 minutes. On September 17, 2014 a major turning point for Klogr: with the new line up consisting of Rusty on vocals and guitars, Pietro on guitars, Joba on bass and Rob on drums, the band leaves behind its status of a "project band" to become a band with a steady line up.  In October 2014 Klogr are on the road again for a Tour in Russia with Living Dead Lights (USA).

Rusty – Vocals, guitars
Pietro – Guitars
Joba – bass
​Rob – drums