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Italy based musician, producer and sound designer.
My work is focused on creating new sounds and experimenting mixing electronic music and acoustic soundscapes. I’ve been collaborating with lots of artists such as Torafugu, [FRAGMENTS] and many more; producing records and staging live performances in Europe and USA. I’ve been working in the sound design field creating soundtracks and sound effects for videos, motion graphics, short films and commercials and i’ve been awarded for my work in 2013 wit the Golden A’Design Award for best music and sound design with the production of Chasing Space.
My career started back in 2003 as a singer and songwriter, than I started working as label and studio assistant for Zetafactory.
I co-founded the label Yalla Records, a cooperative label oriented to experimental and live performance based music; we release alternative electronic music, dupstep, glitch, bass and more. I performed in many club nights and festivals such as RoBot 2011 and 2013 in Bologna, and in 2012 i traveled from California to Washington for my first USA tour; in 2013 and 2014 i released my first solo albums and i’m going to release more in the next months.

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